Ralph Kendrick
Catalogue of Works
The catalogue below is subdivided into the categories solo music, chamber music, electronica, choral music, and large ensemble. For each work, the title, instrumentation and duration has been provided. An excerpt of the score is provided for the majority of the works - please click on the  icon to view a page from the score.

Musical excerpts for several of the works can be found on the listen page.  If you are interested in either viewing a perusal score or listening to additional excerpts, please contact Ralph

Solo Music

 First Lipstick, Then Chapstick  Trumpet   5'
 in Dust and Ashes...  Multi-percussion   8'
 Ooghedy Booghedy  Bassoon   7'
 Six Preludes a Boda Zapha  Piano  17'
 Swagger  Piano   6'
 Syrian Nightmare  Violoncello   6'
 Tangents  Marimba   6'
 Three Turns of the Wind  Clarinet   6'
Chamber Music

 Fricas, Fracas, Frucas  Flute, Percussion, 'Cello  11' 
 Furtive Glances  Alto Sax, Piano, Contrabass  10'
 Rabble Rouser  Violin, Piano  10'
 T-Rex  Piano, Percussion   8'
 Three Psalms  Soprano, Violin, Viola, 'Cello  24'
 Tinged with Afterglow  Baritone Voice, Piano  13'
 2 Pieces in Memoriam  Woodwind Quintet   8'


 Humoresque  Digital Tape   1'
 in My Darkest Hour  Digital Tape   4'
 Patchworks  Electric Guitar and Tape   5'
 Subtleties  Digital Tape   7'
 Taesha  Digital Tape   4'

Choral Music

 The Etcher  Mixed Choir and Harp/Piano  3'
 Etchings of Time  Mixed Choir, Harp/Piano, & Percussion  8'
 Psalm 66  Church Choir and Organ   3' 
 Rocked in the Cradle  Mixed choir and piano  10' 
 The Slash  Mixed Choir, 4 Percussion,
and 2 Contrabasses
 Songs of Comfort  Mixed Choir & String Bass   7'
 This Precious Gift  SSAATTBB a cappella   5'
 Whispers Thru the Cold  Women's Choir and Oboe   8'

Large Ensemble

 ICA  Brass Choir   8' 
 Loose Radicals  Full Orchestra  20'
 Rough Hewn & Silky Smooth  String Orchestra   9'

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